Sydney’s professional conveyancing solicitors

Buying a house, or selling a house? There are many pitfalls that can be avoided by engaging the services of conveyancing solicitors. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to help.

Avoid the pitfalls

Based in Sydney, the conveyancing solicitors at Conveyancing Shop can guide you through a maze of decisions such as:

  • Should I sign an Option agreement?
  • Should a solicitor review my contract before signing?
  • The hidden tactics of bidding at an auction
  • Should I sell a partly renovated home?
  • How do I spot the hidden “extras” in a contract of sale?
  • Can I give up my “cooling off period” and do I need a 66W certificate?
  • Do I really need a pest and building report or strata report?
  • How do I know everything is council approved?
  • What about the swimming pool?
  • Are there any special levies they haven’t told me about?
  • Can I keep my pet?

We find the right solutions

More than ever when it comes to buying a house or selling a house, the sound advice of professional conveyancing solicitors can help avoid the legal wrangles, litigation and costly delays of not getting it right.

Consider this:

  • Contracts can be confusing. Do you understand all the legal jargon?
  • How can you protect yourself against shoddy building?
  • Where do you stand when you have a dispute?
  • What are the pitfalls of buying off the plan?